How to grow your organic following on Instagram

by Supply&Design

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Hey There!

My name’s Liam. If you’re reading this then you probably care about growing your Instagram account. When I first started out trying to grow my accounts, I searched every corner of the Internet trying to figure out how some people had massive followings. I was creating great content, posting every day, and using the right hashtags but I was only getting a small amount new followers in a week. The thought of even reaching 5,000 followers was overwhelming, let alone reaching the 10,000 mark. Today I now have over 120,000 followers and gain about 3,000 new ones every week. In this article, you will learn the methods I developed that skyrocketed my organic Instagram following.

Section 1

Post More Often

Some of the tactics that I'm going to start of may seem obvious, but some of these "obvious" techniques have proven to be more effective than what you'd expect. For example, almost nothing I've done has been more effective than straight up posting as much as possible. A strategy that I highly recommend is to have about 20 posts ready to go. This will actually save you tons of time in the long run. Set a side a couple hours on the weekend so you can queue up all your posts for the week.


One of the biggest factors for increasing engagement on your Instagram is the number of times you post a day. Posting every day is extremely important, but I’ve seen dramatic increases in engagement when I post 3-5 times in a day. Now I know that some of you may be stressing out when I say that and will complain that there's no way you could have that much content to post. I have two recommended solutions to this:

Post more of your progress photos instead of strictly finish products. This can dramatically bulk up your posts and users love to see some ‘behind the scenes’ action.

Repost work from other pages that will fit in with your profile theme. This is a chance for you to talk about who inspires you, brands you like, and techniques you’re trying to improve upon. This can also promote community building, but always make sure to always credit the author.


*Note: It’s important you spread out posts out so you don’t overstimulate your followers.

Section 2

Stay Involved

Profiles that are actively engaged will get more followers. This because of both human characteristics as well as Instagram’s algorithm. The bottom line is this: in addition to posting everyday, you need to spend some time being involved with other users on the app.



Your posts: respond to and like all comments that you receive. You might as well try to start conversations in the comment section, people subconsciously are more likely to engage themselves when there's already a ton of engagement.

Other people’s posts: You should comment on many different types of profiles. It’s beneficial to start conversations on both huge accounts as well as small accounts.


You should like as many posts as possible (ideally the ones you actually like). This is just puts your username in more people's’ notifications.

Bonus: If you ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on someone’s account, it is very likely they will take a look at your account. If they like your page, they will likely follow.


Section 3

Run Contests

Contests are a great opportunity to get your community involved. They will also share the contest with their friends who don’t already follow you. But how can you host a successful competition on Instagram?

Our friend Dennis, who runs @welovewebdesign, has perfected his execution of this. Here are a few screenshots of Dennis’ posts. He used a carousel post that broke up information into bite sized pieces.

1. The first slide creates awareness about the competition:

2. The second slide shows the task and the reward.

3. The third slide clearly highlights the requirements and deadline.

4. The fourth slide shows how to submit your work.

Section 4


If you’re not too excited about spending a bunch of time doing mundane tasks to build your account, there’s always the option of using automation tools.

If you use automation in a way that makes you look like a robot, people will think that your account is spammy and your online reputation will be ruined. This is a fine line to walk and one that you have to keep top of mind when automating your marketing or social media activity. It’s also important to note that Instagram does not allow posting from third party apps and if they suspect you are using automation, you could lose access to your account. I’m not responsible for you getting your account banned. This is a riskier tactic, use it at your own risk.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s look at some tools you can use to automate some Instagram actions:

1.  Buffer

2. Hootsuite

3. Sendible

4. Later

5. Tailwind


7. Iconosquare

8. TagsForLikes

What else does the guide cover?

Contest Promotion

Instagram Stories and Instagram Live


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